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The Committee of Registrars, Admissions and Liaison Officers, otherwise known as CRALO is a provincial body dedicated to the development of guidelines and procedures common to all Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology relating to Admissions, Liaison, Recruitment, Registration, and Student Records.

The Committee, originally named CRAO, was formed in 1971 to address the ongoing operational needs of the newly formed Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology. In its current form, CRALO provides a collaborative forum where all 24 Ontario Colleges can meet to identify, analyze and assess contemporary issues and trends which could affect the admission, registration, recruitment and enrollment management policies, practices and procedures in the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology.

Organizationally, CRALO is an operational group that reports through the Coordinating Committee on Student Services (CCSS) part of the CAAT Co-ordinating structure.

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